Russian week in Tuscany 2016

The most expected and fashionable event of 2016 Gala Dinner given by Russian Diamond Ball & Partners
will take place on September 10 – 18 within a week luxury tour.

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The most expected and fashionable event of 2016 Gala Dinner given by Russian Diamond Ball & Partners will take place on September 10 – 18 within a week luxury tour. Luxurious, elegant and flawlessly organized reception will be held at the luxurious 14th century villa in Tuscany, one of the best regions of Italy.

This is a must have event in the society pages of Europe and Russia. It is a status event of Italian society pages featuring iconic people of the Russian establishment, royal and aristocratic family members of Europe, and representatives of business elite. The ball will be attended by business, political and cultural elite of Russia, Italy, Monaco, France, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Dubai, the South Korea as well as famous people and show business stars, famous media people, movie actors and leading society mass media representatives. Russian Diamond Ball & Partners Gala Dinner has a unique event frame and thoroughly developed leisure program with different activities for the sophisticated audience. The event is associated with the summer season closing. Luxurious yachts parade is expected. 300 VIP-guests wearing elegant gowns and dinner jackets will make the magnificent atmosphere of the evening.



Designed as classical Italian palazzo and located far away from the busy urban life, a cosy Villa Guinigi Borgo di Matrinaia will bring the highest level of guests reception. Great service, comfortable rooms, and hospitality of the local hostess make the hallmark of this Villa.




The atmosphere of luxury, lively impressions and variety of leisure will enchant the most sophisticated audience. Russian Diamond Ball unique program will create a feeling of delight, aesthetics and harmony.

Gucci Family

Date: from September 10 till September 18.
Number of guests: 250-300 people.
September 16 – Gala Dinner at the Villa Guinigi Borgodi Matraia by Russian Diamond Ball & Partners.
Special guests – Gucci Family – Uberto Gucci, Stefania Gucci, Drusilla Gucci.
The Gala Dinner program includes performances of famous Russian and Italian pop-stars, fashion show of Russian and Italian fashion designers, golf tournament and rallying winners awards.



  • 10 september - saturday


    Moscow – Bologna air travel.

  • 11 september - sunday


    Excursions to Tuscany – Florence, Pisa, Lucca, Siena, Viareggio...

  • 12 september – monday


    Wine and food tasting.

  • 13 september – tuesday


    Tournament at Versilia Golf Resort-Forte dei Marmi Golf Club.

    Cour Du Roi Golf Trophy  2016 – is a first international tournament with participants from 3 different countries (Russia, Switzerland, Italy).
      It is held in Italy on the 13 and 14 of September at Vesilia Golf Club in Tuscany. 
    Versilia Golf Club is located in the heart of Versilia in between the sea and the mountains in a green area of the famous Forte dei Marmi, not far from the beach and center of town.
      A lively route awaits you on a big Parkland golf course, where among trees, bunkers and wide fairways is a perfect place for competition for players of all levels. 

      Information about the golf course:

    • 18 holes
    • 5.873 meters for men, 5.194 meters for ladies
    • Par 71
    • Club house, restaurant & bar
    • Locker rooms
    • Driving range
    • Golf carts (limited quantity) and trolleys
    Amount of players:
    • 60 people (approximately 20 from each country)
    • 36 Holes Stableford
    • Shot gun start
    • Men & ladies categories + special events + best gross men & ladies
    Categories and prizes:

    NET Category  - Stableford with handicap I : MEN - Maximum handicap allowance given is 24 shots - mens tees
    • 1 place nett
    • 2 place nett
    • 3 place nett
    II : LADIES - Maximum handicap allowance given is 24 shots - ladies tees 
    • 1 place nett
    • 2 place nett
    • 3 place nett
    GROSS Category - Stableford without handicap  
    • Best Gross MEN - mens tees
    • Best Gross LADIES - ladies tees
    SPECIAL Events for final round 
    • Nearest to the pin Men
    • Nearest to the pin Ladies
    • Longest Drive Men
    • Longest Drive Ladies
      13 September – first tournament round
    12.00 –  shot gun
    17.00 – finish
    18.00 – cocktail with music

      14 September – second tournament round
    12.00 – shot gun
    17.00 – finish
    18.00 – prize presentation ceremony
    18.15 – cocktail party with music

  • 14 september – wednesday


    Tournament at Versilia Golf Resort-Forte dei Marmi Golf Club.

  • 15 september – thursday


    Master class in big tennis from the titled Russian tennis player in the most prestigious tennis club "Italy". And also:
    - the bicycle by which you can reach in 10 min. prior to the center Forte of Marmy's dea and make walk on shops, and also sit in a pizzeria of "Bokonchino" known for the whole world;
    - an awning with plank beds on one of the most fashionable beaches Forte Marmy's de of "La Fenice";
    - a lunch at restaurant on the La Fenice beach;
    - evening: koktel-party and DJ-set at one of the most fashionable restaurants Forte Marmy's de.

  • 16 september - friday


    Gala Dinner by Russian Diamond Ball & Partners.
    Gala Dinner. The Gala Dinner at the Villa Guinigi Borgodi Matraia program includes performances of famous Russian and Italian pop-stars, fashion show of Russian and Italian fashion designers, golf tournament and rallying winners awards.

  • 17 september - saturday


    Yacht VIP tour (yacht length: 30 meters).

  • 18 september - sunday


    Bologna – Moscow air travel.



«Cour Du Roi» - is an international event agency of full cycle which has been working in the industry of entertainment and show business since 1998. In 2006, an official agency French branch was opened in Cannes. The European office allowed the agency to widen its range of services and to offer customers the highest level of service in the organization of celebrations.

In 2002, the agency launched its own successful production company with international contacts in the countries of Europe and the USA. Besides the studio work and production, the agency successfully develops original musical projects, highly appreciated by the audience and art lovers in Russia and Europe. The company brief profile is fashion events (receptions and charity balls, presentations, parties featuring Russian and foreign show business stars); Corporate events (professional celebrations, corporate celebrations, conventions, corporate tourism); Business events (organization of conferences, exhibitions, forums, round tables, event marketing and btl events); Concert and touristic activity (organization of concerts and tours, decoration of premises, trip maintenance on a turnkey basis). Such musical projects of the agency as Cour Du Roi and string quartet Classic show “Infinity” have gained success in the sphere of entertainment and show business.




In August 2013, the company Cour Du Roi together with Oksana Fedorova Charitable Foundation organized the major social event in Monaco for the first time. This fashion event oriented at sophisticated LUXURY audience adherent to high quality and level standards of social events. It was a status event in the social life of the Côte d'Azur featuring iconic people of the Russian establishment, members of the royal and aristocratic families of Europe. The representatives of business, political, and cultural elite of Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Ukraine, show business celebrities, famous media people, movie starts and representatives of the leading social and fashion media attended the Ball.


The Best Hall in Monte Carlo LE SPORTING SALLE DES ETOILES offered its guests royal decoration, red carpet, installation of exclusive jewelry and luxury. The most important social events of Monaco are held in this Hall, including the famous Ball of Roses. Sophisticated atmosphere of the evening and the culinary delights from best chefs of Europe were embellished by unique entertainment and concert program featuring famous artists. The week was rich in interesting events, including dinner at Château de la Napoule, located in Mandelieu- la-Napoule, Cannes, workshops with formula car of Formula 1 and Formula 3, yacht tour, brunch at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, golf workshop and other activities.



- VIP - excursions;

- wine tasting;

- russian and italian gastronomic seasons;

- gold workshops;

- cooking workshops;

- italian with a native speaker;

- boxing workshops and sparrings (for men);

- personal and career development trainings (for men and women);

- court tennis workshops;

- basics of yoga and meditation;

- italian image consultants and stylists services, with boutiques and outlets attendance;

- selling exhibition of Russian and Italian artists, sculptors and jewelers;

- ProAm dance workshops.





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